GeoMIR5 with ActCAD is a professional, comprehensive and complete software environment for surveying which includes two independent Software - Geodesy software GeoMIR5 and CAD software ActCAD. Although GeoMIR5 has been used for 18 years in several Austrian companies with success and put into practice, it is the wider constituency far unknown.GeoMIR5 has been used for 18 years in many companies and with success put into practice. It is robust Geodesy software with support for fully coded surveying. The data are organized by projects in which each project is represented by a separate database to ensure data security and access speed.


  • Easy installation, no entries in the System Folder
  • Each project has a separate database
  • No limit to the amount of data per project, checked with 200000 Detail points and 20000 stations
  • Intuitive user interface

Data input / output:

  • Compatible with all standard measuring equipment (total stations, GPS, Levels)
  • User data formats
  • Manual data entry (measured data, coordinates)
  • Transfer the data from project to project
  • archive and restore projects
  • Bi-directional communication with ActCAD for further processing

Access to the measured data

  • All data contained in the project can be edited and deleted
  • Access to the data is similar to working with tables (Excel, etc.)

Mathematical operations:

  • A mathematical model of the Gaussian theory of least squares (net balance), with a statistical result and monitoring evaluation
  • Local coordinates transformation -. With two parameters, Helmert and affine
  • Traditional approaches - all kinds of polygon courses, Resections, forward and backward section
  • Trigonometric elevation calculation
  • Area calculation
  • Calculation of the orthogonal data

Fully coded survey:

  • Absolutely open and market unique system for Application of fully coded surveying. The data can be output, according to experience, to all customer requirements

CAD Interface - ActCAD:

  • Professional CAD Software
  • Compatibility with DWG / DXF format
  • Importing of coordinates and full Coded objects from GeoMIR5
  • All necessary drawing elements (lines, polylines, layers, blocks with attributes ...)
  • All necessary tools for drawing and editing (deleting, moving, copying, ...)
  • Creating of digital terrain model (DTM)
  • Contour lines out of DTM
  • The cross sections of the situation or directly measured points
  • Longitudinal profile directly from the measuring points
  • Volume calculation

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in evaluation of GeoMIR5 and ActCAD software, for free and without any obligation, or if you need more informations!