GeoMIR5 is surveying software whose first version was developed 18 years ago and is used in many companies with success ever since.
ActCAD is professional CAD software, which was developed by an Indian company. It is based on IntelliCAD and it is still new to the European market. The price performance ratio of the software will surprise the prospective customers pleasantly.


GeoMIR5 is compatible with all standard measuring equipment. Through its unique full-coding system, GeoMIR5 simplifies the work in the field considerably. Once measured, the data can be output in any number of data standards!


Whether you have finished coordinates of GNSS measurements or even the raw data of a total station are the steps to the finished plan simple and intuitive. The mathematical calculation requirements are not disregarded. Many options and full coding system allow data output to all customer requirements.


Professional CAD software ActCAD with an intuitive interface and compatibility with DWG standard serves as a CAD interface for GeoMIR5. Multi-directional connection with GeoMIR5 projects, and creating longitudinal and cross sections, digital terrain model with contour lines and cubic volume calculation are only a part of its spectrum.